Counseling Awareness Month: #CounselorsHelp

April is counseling awareness month. Professional counselors have specific training requirements and titles that vary by state. Read below for more information about the counseling profession. What is Counseling? Counseling provides a safe space to discuss personal concerns and problems. Counselors take a holistic approach to personal wellness and the relationship between counselor and client is not hierarchical but … Continue reading Counseling Awareness Month: #CounselorsHelp

Setting Goals for your Dream Career

So, you have decided how YOU define career success.┬áNow what? Well, now we set goals. Goals are important because they help you stay motivated and remind you that there is an end in sight. What is your goal? You have to decide what your ultimate career goals is - and this doesn't have to be … Continue reading Setting Goals for your Dream Career

Defining Success

What is a Career Counselor? When you think of career counseling you most likely think of getting help with your resume and cover letter in a college career center. But there is so much more to it than that. The counseling part helps you figure out where you want to be and where those resumes … Continue reading Defining Success