Speaking Engagements

Dr. Kelly Gentry has expertise in career development, higher education, feminist issues, gender-based violence, mental health, and healthy relationships. She has been teaching college students and presenting at professional conferences, hosting psychoeducational workshops, and serving as a panelist at events for more than 15 years. Some topics that Dr. Gentry can present on for your conference or professional development event:


  • Mental health issues among women
  • Gender-based violence (on College Campuses and at-large)
  • Working with K-12 students on developing healthy relationships
  • Effective ways to talk to our children about 
  • Career development issues 
    • Empowerment for women returning to work
    • Professional communication
    • Creative ways to explore your career

Past Presentations and Speaking Engagements

Topics in Mental Health and Gender-Based Issues

  •  Poetic Healing: Using Poetry to Validate Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence
  • “Well, at least they’re  not raping you”: College Women in Abusive Relationships & the Campuses that Leave Them Behind
  • Assessing students for anxiety and depression in school. 
  • Conducting qualitative research using social media
  • Intimate partner violence 
  •  Teaching appraisal/assessment: Strategies for engaging hesitant students.   
  • College Women and Intimate Partner Violence: What it is and what it means.
  • An intentional approach to integrating sexuality into counselor education and practice
  • The New code meets old school: Ethics preparation best practices in counselor education.

Topics in Higher Education and Career Development

  • Leadership and masculinity: Unpacking the influences of gender presentation and sexual identity on employment advancement. 
  • Getting In and beyond: Preparing first-generation college-goers for success.
  • Strategic connections: Connecting 2nd degree earners with traditional undergraduates. 
  • I got an offer…now what?
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Interview Like a Pro
  • Writing Convincing Cover Letters

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