Career Counseling

Achieving career satisfaction takes work. Whether you are a recent graduate, a mother returning to work, or just trying to figure out if you are on the right career path, figuring out what is preventing you from feeling happy and fulfilled professionally can be overwhelming. The process of career counseling requires self—reflection, exploration, decision-making, and goal setting. Using a strengths-based and solution focused approach we will work together to establish goals that will help you feel empowered to find long-term career satisfaction.

What will we do together?

Initially, we will work together to explore what it is you hope to gain from the career counseling process. This will require the gathering of information including past education and work experiences; likes and dislikes; and even information about family work history. Next, clients’ complete assessments to help determine decision-making processes, personality type, interests, and abilities. Finally, we will develop a plan with realistic goals that will help to increase self-awareness and confidence, and of course, give you the skills to continue to reach for your career aspirations.

Will you help with my resume?

As a career counselor, my focus is not reviewing resumes and cover letters. Instead, we will discuss your experience and what is or has been keeping you from progressing, changing, or pursuing your career goals. If we develop a plan for your career counseling sessions, and resume review is a logical fit, then it will be part of our process. There will be workshops and group sessions available that will focus on creating professional career documents. If you are looking specifically for assistance with your resume see below for Career Coaching Services.

Will you find me a job?

No, career counseling is not a job placement service. It is a process of reflection and goal setting intended to provide the client with skills and knowledge that will aid in finding jobs and making career decisions.

How many sessions does career counseling take?

The process of career counseling requires self—reflection and exploration. As such, it is most effective when session numbers are not limited at the start. Generally, a minimum of 4 sessions is recommended. However, 6-10 sessions will likely be more beneficial. We will discuss this during our first meeting.

Career coaching

Career Coaching services are for those individuals who are seeking assistance applying to specific positions and updating professional documents.

Career coaching includes:

  • Job search strategies
  • Personalized Resume & Cover Letter Review
  • Interview Preparation

Cost $200/session

Virtual Coaching All career coaching sessions are virtual.

Career Coaching Package $725/4 Session Package

Career Coaching Session Outline

  • Session One
    • Goal Setting and Job Search Strategy
  • Session Two
    • Position Review and Resume/Cover Letter review. Between sessions two and three, client and counselor will communicate electronically regarding resume and cover letter edits.
  • Session Three
    • Continued discussion of Resume/Cover Letter Review
    • Professional Communication/Following-Up
  • Session Four
    • Interview Strategies
    • Goal setting cont’d

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